Our Clients

Our Clients 

Most advisory firms are not discerning about the type of clients whom they choose to work with. But an advisory firm’s clients can directly affect how that firm does things. Having too many clients who chase performance, regularly withdraw their portfolios, react to short-term moves or who are novice investors can encourage their advisor to invest poorly – disregarding fundamentals, owning popular (yet risky) investments or structuring their portfolio to look a lot like a benchmark such as the S&P 500. That is probably not what their clients want or what is in their best interest.

Highgate is different – We seek to make money for our clients with as little risk as possible. Our clients understand the rigor that goes into great investing.

Investing well is hard. It takes patience, resources, experience, hard work and focus. Yet many firms try to be all things to all people or provide a multitude of services that have little to do with investing. Instead, we focus on what our clients hire us to do. We know that our clients hire us to put their hard-earned money to work responsibly and that they want to earn high risk-adjusted returns on their capital.

Our clients value their time apart from doing rigorous investment analysis on their own and they hire us to do that for them. Our clients don’t want to have to worry about how the economy or the stock market will affect them. And they understand that sometimes a not-so-sexy portfolio can be the best money-maker. Our best clients also understand that there is a huge difference between chasing short-term returns and true long-term investing.

Moreover, our clients prefer to work with the actual decision-makers around their investments as opposed to a "go-between" such as a "relationship manager" or a salesperson.

And most importantly, our clients don’t want their advisor engaged in the performance derby…using their hard-earned capital to take outsized risks in the hopes of creating performance that the advisor can use to promote itself.

We devote our time and attention to our clients and to investing well…rather than sales and marketing and "asset gathering." This makes us unique versus our competitors. We strive to be the best at investing, to always do the right thing for our clients and to build our business through a reputation of being reliable, consistent, thorough and responsive.