Learn More About Highgate Securities Investments

Learn More About Highgate Securities Investments


Highgate helps high/ultra-high net worth clients make investments in great companies that are priced well; the same financial expertise that helped build Obermeyer, a billion-dollar investment firm, over the last two decades in Aspen. We are an investment boutique that gives you direct access to the investment decision-makers at all times.

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Our clients appreciate not having to worry about how the future economy or stock market will impact their investment portfolio because they know Highgate is experienced, thorough, and brings a skeptical approach to all of its investment decisions. They understand the difference between chasing short-term returns and making meaningful long-term investments. Highgate works best with individuals who seek long-term investments in publicly traded securities yet prefer to spend their time running their respective businesses, managing their professions, pursuing real estate deals or other ventures, or simply enjoying life. Their time is more valuable to them than performing the rigorous, time-intensive accounting and financial analysis required to maintain a well-performing investment portfolio. Highgate’s clients prefer to work with the decision-makers on their investments rather than a go-between or a "representative," and they understand the difference between chasing short-term returns and making meaningful long-term investments.

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Today’s Investment Environment

There are only two risks that long-term investors in individual stocks need to concern themselves with: 1) bankruptcy and 2) overvaluation. While it takes a bit of leg work to get to a good handle on both, it is worth the effort because because losses can seriously impair the ability to earn a high average annual risk-adjusted return (which should be the goal of most long-term investors). Earlier in the year, we opined that the Uber IPO would mark the top of the current obsession with tech and unicorn stocks. We were wrong. It may be The We Company's attempted IPO beginning in August that will be the preamble to the topping process. In our 3rd quarter letter, we examine 1) some of the factors that have contributed to the silliness seen in today’s tech bubble (a bubble that will seem obvious to future historians); 2) the real economics of some of the more popular unicorn companies, and 3) ‘growth' vs. ‘value’ investments.

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