Company Values

Company Values

To focus on safety of principal without sacrificing returns


Client Service

  • To be forthright with clients about our opinions
  • To keep the identity and nature of every client relationship completely confidential
  • To respect each client’s unique situation and preferences
  • To make money for our clients by assuming appropriate, well-reasoned risks
  • To only accept clients with whom we are the right fit
  • To honor the trust that clients put in us through action, availability and service

Investment Process

  • To exercise patience continuously
  • To know our limitations and stay within our circle of competence
  • To avoid big mistakes
  • To be aware of the false precision of computer models
  • To maintain our objectivity and minimize biases
  • To not be a closet benchmarker

Business operations

  • To always put our clients’ interests before our own
  • To charge a competitive fee for our services and to add value far beyond our fee
  • To employ the best, most experienced and thoughtful people
  • To keep our overhead at a manageable level and reinvest in resources that benefit our clients

Business Goals

  • To keep our business simple
  • To grow through continuous reputational enhancements
  • To be the best advisor, not the biggest